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Debt Relief Services

Beat Debt Info websiteBeat Debt Information, Tools and Options. Modern Resource to Manage and Beat Your Debt. Contact a Debt Consultant  or call (212) 461-3272 for your free consultation.

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Debt Relief Services

beatdebt-info_logo_swordBeatDebt.info is one of the country’s most reputable and aggressive debt relief and settlement companies. We are made up of energetic, smart and compassionate professionals that take a professional team approach. Our experience has helped thousands of Americans resolve debt problems and find debt relief by helping our customers through a tough financial time in their lives. We specialize in reducing the balances on credit card debts, medical bills, repossessions, certain business debts and other unsecured obligations. We also work diligently to ensure your creditors don’t harass you at your home or place of business.

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FICO Credit Rating NO LONGER affected by Negotiated Debt Settlement due to changes in Fico 9. In 2014, Fair Isaac Corp. FICO will stop including in its FICO credit-score calculations any record of a consumer failing to pay a bill if the bill has been paid or settled with a collection agency. American consumers seeking Debt Relief Services will have to worry less about Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation degrading their FICO Credit Rating.

BBB Accredited Business

BetterBusinessBureauLogoGet Relief From Unsecured Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills And Student Loans
We are dedicated to providing debt relief programs helping individuals and families with information and resources, through conducting financial consultations, and by educating the consumer and recommending the appropriate solution. We specialize in debt settlement and have negotiated settlements for thousands of creditor and collection accounts. We provide our clients with both our expertise and our proven results.


Debt Relief Services

Debt Settlement as an Alternative to Bankruptcy

We offer debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation services. We advocate and provide Debt Relief Services as a team for you to help you re-establish financial stability as quickly as possible.

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Responsible Leadership

Beat Debt Info promotes responsible leadership and is a proud member:

Professional Memberships

Beat Debt .info is an A-Rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.
BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust and pursuing a vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.
Beat Debt .info is a proud member in good standing of the the American Fair Credit Council.
The AFCC is the leading association of professional Consumer Credit Advocates with the strictest Code of Conduct in the industry.
Beat Debt .info is a proud member in good standing of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.
IAPDA programs are the Gold Standard of the Debt Relief industry. Providing training and certification(s) for debt relief company staff members and individuals seeking a career in this growing segment of the financial services industry.
Our Mission

Our mission is focused on helping individuals achieve freedom and to accomplish debt reduction with the least possible payment amount and term. We zealously provide debt relief options for our select clients including debt settlement and debt negotiation.

Find the missing pieces, solve the puzzle… beat debt!

Beat Debt Information


beatdebt-info_logo_swordBeat Debt .info with our servicing partner has tens of thousands of customers and they are all hard working people just like you. We advocate for debt relief and organize our counselors and negotiators into teams with legal support in order to better serve our clients. All of our clients have experienced some sort of financial or medical hardship leading them to this best solution. No fees are charged until your debts are settled and agreements with creditors are reached. We do not charge any cancellation fees and you can always get all your money back.

What Does Our Program Cover?

Our debt settlement program covers the vast majority of unsecured debts and some secured debts as well. Many of our clients carry significant credit card balances, and we’re particularly adept at negotiating with major credit card issuers and banks.

We’re also able to settle:

  • Medical bills
  • Certain repossessions
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Certain business debts
  • Collections and certain judgments

Unfortunately, we can’t settle mortgage loans, auto loans and most other secured debts. By dramatically reducing your unsecured obligations, however, we free up cash to help you stay current on these bills.

If you qualify, we may be able to lower your monthly credit card payments by a significant margin all the while getting you out of debt in approximately 24-48 months. We work hard to reduce your debt as quickly as possible. Before enrolling, many clients lived paycheck to paycheck and could still barely afford to make ends meet. After successfully completing our debt settlement plan, they now finally had the means to prepare and save for the future.

What Does our Program  Cost?

What are fees for Beat Debt .info services? How much will you have to pay for us to negotiate your debts for you and get a creditor to forgive a significant portion of your debt. How about free, and free until we save you real money.

Who Are We Beat Debt .info

No Upfront Fees

Your initial consultation is free and there are no fees to get started. We received nothing unless your debt is settled through our services and intervention. We do not receive any payment unless we can successfully settle with your creditors and get your debt reduced. Fees for our services vary by state and the amount of your debt. The fee varies between 20-25% of your enrolled debt. Compared to the $1000′s  in interest you will pay on your credit cards while you struggle to pay them off, you can see that this fee is quite reasonable. Many of our successful debt free customers and members you can become debt free in 24-48 months with our debt consolidation program.


Call Today for a Free Consultation

No Risk and No Commitment

(212) 461-3272

The beatdebt.info credit counseling team can advise you on debt relief options and recommend proven self-help strategies for managing your money and resolving debts.  Call (212) 461-3272 to request a free initial consultation to determine eligibility for debt consolidation and debt settlement programs.

Debt Relief Options


Debt Relief Programs

It’s time for you to act on your debts now. Our experienced team of negotiators consists of some of the most highly trained negotiators in the country; settling thousands of accounts with outstanding results for businesses, families and individuals like you. If you wish to know more about debt consolidation and settlement programs we will be more than happy to give you advice.  If you qualify we can help you negotiate with your creditors.

Reduce Your Debts

You could save much more than credit counseling or debt management and be debt free sooner.

Compare Your Debt Relief Options

Get a free financial assessment from a certified debt counselor with no obligation.

Low Program Payments

We let you pick a payment that you can afford. There is no fee until you see results.

Beat Debt: Debt Relief Information, Debt Relief Tools and Debt Relief Options


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