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When something like this happens…

Student Debt Relief Advocate 

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“Grandparents left with 3-children and $100,000 in student loan debt after mother dies”.

Student Debt Relief

“Only 4 out of 7000 banks forgive debts after student death”

Private Student Loans have 97% Co-sign Rate. If struggling borrowers can’t discharge their loans in bankruptcy and banks won’t give loan modifications, what should they do?

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren cares a lot about making student loans affordable—and she happens to be a bankruptcy expert. This week, she turned that passion and that wealth of knowledge on Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association.

Student Debt Relief

You would think bankers would learn not to try to get sneaky in response to Warren’s pointed questioning.

Then again, what else is Hunt going to do to defend practices that leave parents struggling with the student loan debts of their dead children?


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Original article by Carolyn Lawson at Daily Kos.

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