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Hello, I’m David, I want to thank Eddie for saving me $14,676.63 with debt settlement. I’m paying back exactly half of the balance that I owed to Citibank. It’s been almost 18 months since we began working together and I really want to thank you for helping me and my family during a really difficult time. You definitely know what you’re doing and you’re great at your job!

David F.

  • Original Debt: $29,353.28
  • Total Repayed: $14,676.64
  • Total Saved: $14,676.64

It doesn’t really matter how I got into thirty-thousand into credit card debt, or who I had to help. But for my situation, debt settlement was an easy decision. The credit consultation was free and Eddie never pressured me. There were no fees upfront. I didn’t pay anything until we met our goal of a fifty-percent settlement and the results were accomplished. I was provided financial information on the website for free. I was given financial planning tools and a provided a debt management plan. And Eddie was a great counselor. He talked me through the process, explained the rules and laws of the industry, and pointed me to different tools on the website. I recommend the free budget plan for monthly expenses. I will not be getting back into debt.

Debt Relief Information, Tools and Options.

I was having coffee with college friend Kathleen and she shared with me that she has more than eight-thousand dollars of credit card debt and nothing to show for it. After working with Eddie I knew what questions to ask and what to tell her. She was only making minimum payments and her interest rate was highway robbery. We looked at the beatdebt.info website on my phone and she was impressed. I explained in detail what you had done for me. We went to the free debt calculator and she put in her numbers. She realized that she was in way too deep and throwing money away.

I appreciated your experience, knowledge and especially the end results. You told me what to expect and answered all of my questions. I thought my credit would be damaged. It was not. Bottom-line, you fought for me.

-David F.

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