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Our Credit Repair Program is private, and free. Learn; "how to raise your credit score fast", and eliminate negative reporting, and actually reduce and eliminate debt. There's are only a few key factors that undermine most consumers, when it comes to attaining a favorable credit rating. This program defines and determines what is reported, and exactly what is affecting you.
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Beat Debt Options

Beat Debt Options Clients qualified for consolidation or settlement overwhelmingly save money and resolve their debts more quickly. FICO 9 Credit Rating changes are already restoring and improving American consumer credits scores.

+50%  +50%  +100pts

  • Save money, (+50%) or more; by reducing the repayment balance due by at least half
  • Save time, (+50%) or more; by resetting the time it takes to resolve the debt by at least half.
  • Improve FICO rating, (100pts) or more; by raising credit scores once credit and medical debts are resolved.

FICO 9 Rescue

Great news! Many Americans seeking to raise their credit scores, or remove negative reporting associated with debts, will now benefit from FICO 9. Can you benefit, from major changes, in the most widely used credit score in the U.S?

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“There are rules that govern debt collection. When collection agencies cross-the-line and violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I’ll make them pay.”
Beat Debt Information
Debt Negotiator


“We’ll fight for you. We can often lower the payment and the balance by as much as 60%. We’re professional advocates for consumer financial freedom.”
debt relief program negotiator


“I’m here to help you make informed and educated decisions about resolving your debt. All across the country there are people who rely on us to successfully negotiate with creditors and collection agencies.”
Debt Counselor
Office Manager


I’m here to help our staff work together and best serve our customers. We find the most compassionate, brightest and hardest-working talent for our team.

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Meet the team



Certified Debt Relief Specialist

Paul is one of our longest tenured agents. Being prior military he understands the importance of attention to detail and mission accomplishment. With a strong background in finance, real estate and mortgages he is equipped with the knowledge to make this transition as seamless as possible. His compassion and expertise helps ensure that our clients are properly educated and that all of their needs are being addressed.  

Karen Compliance Officer


Compliance Officer / Underwriter

Holding the unofficial title of "head office chef", Karen brings with her almost two decades in the real estate industry. Karen is just as passionate in protecting her chili recipe as seeing her clients debt free.

    Beat Debt .info Eddie Debt Relief Specialist


    Certified Debt Relief Specialist

    Eddie is an seasoned veteran of the finance industry. Coming from a background in the Mortgage industry. He Brings his years of expertise into the lives of all the clients that he encounters with one goal in mind. Providing our clients with the most comprehensive approach to their Financial struggles. He diligently works hand in hand with his clients to set them on the path to Recovery.

      Beat Debt .info Jonathan Manager


      Manager / Certified Debt Specialist

      Coming from the dreaded "WALL ST", Jonathan is no stranger to the predatory tactics of the major lending institutions. Having been a victim of Bankruptcy himself, now he utilizes all the tools and knowledge at his disposal to keep as many Americans away from Bankruptcy and living debt free.

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